Sunday, September 6, 2009

Digging Deeper

I don't know if I've shared this or not, but I've recently started attending a women's Bible study at a local church. I started during the summer for their Beth Moore Loving Well series, and now we've entered the fall "Trusting God" mini series. The ladies there are phenomenal and Monday nights usually consist of the group of us starting off in one room to discuss the lesson, and then breaking into our small groups to discuss it at length.

I was surprised going through Loving Well because I sort of had the mentality that "I'm a woman, of course I love well--that's what we do." But, if you've ever done a Beth Moore study then you understand that it goes much deeper than that. I learned so much during the study and was so excited for the new mini series to start for the fall. We had our first meeting last week, and I'm already seeing new things in God's Word that are giving me those "ah-ha" moments Oprah always talks about. I wanted to share something with you that really opened my eyes and got me digging deeper into myself and the Word.

The "method" that our mini series is using to read God's Word is called the Three Step Method that was introduced by Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter) in Pursuing More of Jesus. Basically, when reading the Word you ask yourself three questions: What does God's Word say? (just the facts), What does God's Word mean? (look for a lesson to be learned) and What does God's Word mean to me? (Listen to His voice).

This past week, we were assigned to study Matthew 5 (you know, the beatitudes). If you want to be convicted and stirred to do more, then I challenge you to try the three step method out by reading Matt. 5

After reading, here are the questions I jotted down to ask myself during step three of the method:
  1. Am I hungry and thirsty after God?
  2. Am I a peacemaker or do I stir up discord?
  3. Am I full of mercy when others do wrong?
  4. Do I allow myself opportunities to be persecuted, or do I tend to shy away from telling people about my faith?
  5. Am I burning outwardly onto others, or am I burning down and out?
  6. Do I try to "modify" God's Word at times? (i.e. make excuses for "petty" sins)
  7. Do I harbor any feelings of anger or bitterness towards anyone?
  8. Are my eyes fixed on Christ, in the good and bad?
  9. Do I make faulty promises, or do I follow through?
  10. Do I love (really love) my enemies or those who have done me wrong?
  11. Am I practicing servant hood by giving to others in need?
Needless to say, after asking myself these 11 questions, I had to some serious QT with the Father. I got into my car and headed into work thinking, man . . . I have seriously gotta step up my game! Then, a song came on the radio as if God was telling me "Rachel, despite your faults, know that I still love you. Unconditionally." Isn't God Good? We all need a Savior!


  1. Beautiful post.

    God's love is amazing, isn't it?

    Thanks for sharing your heart today.

  2. Catching up on all of your posts!! This is a beautiful post Rach :) God is Good!

    I hope you guys have a great time camping. Be careful and have a great Labor Day! I love you!


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