Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Atwood Family Vacation Recap

This is a small glimpse into our vacation. Nathan and I just returned from our two-night camping trip to the Adirondack Mountains. You may remember my post about it from a few weeks back. We had the best time enjoying each other and basking in all the beauty God has created. This picture was taken by Nathan at the top of Bald Mountain--one of our MANY rigorous hikes over a two day span.

We stayed at a little camping resort called Old Forge, and it was by far the best decision on our part to go camping on Labor Day. By the time we got to our campsite, most of the vacationers had gone home from the busy weekend and we were left with only a few retirees. Our campsite was all the way at the end of a little inlet and we were all by ourselves (with the exception of a few raccoons and owls). We hiked, laughed, made s'mores, canoed, took TONS of photos and got a lot of R&R!

More pictures to come soon! :)

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