Monday, August 10, 2009

Ready for Company!

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about how Nathan and I were almost done with the guest bedroom. It's been an ongoing project, as most of our decor for the room we've been picking up along the way at yard sales. I'm happy to say that last week, we finally finished! Now that all of our projects are painted and put in place, I am so happy with how it turned out! Originally, we wanted the guest bedroom to be a black and white theme, and I'm fortunate that I'll never have to buy artwork (for those of you who don't know already, Nathan is a phenomenal photographer and he keeps us well-stocked with framed art!). While we were going through his office, we ran across some old black and white photography he did while in college and it became the focal point for the guest bedroom. Our original plan to hand-make a headboard for the bed got scrapped when I found these beautiful pieces to hang above the bed. I'm so happy we were able to use his work in the room. The plan for the black and white room also got a little adjusted when I kept finding all of these neat little pieces at yard sales that were bright red. SO, our black and white room is now black, white and red. :) I managed to find some red paint that the previous owners left behind (thank you whoever you are!) and I painted a wooden nightstand red. (That's when the red obsession began!) We're so proud of our little DIY project and we can't wait to have company. One week from today, Nathan's family is coming for a visit so I'm so happy they'll be the first to stay in the new room!

This is the entry to the room--Nathan and I both love anything monogrammed!

After our work, we decided to enjoy a little break from the house. Nathan took me on a date Friday night and we ordered Chinese food, watched the movie Taken and went to the mini-golf place near our house. We had so much fun! We hit 18 holes and yes, Nathan won (no surprise there! ha). Here are a few pictures from our date night:

Notice we're wearing jackets in August??
Nathan being silly :)

Aside from the house projects and fun we've been having, many of you may know that I'm also still on the job-hunt. I've had some promising leads and successful meetings, but nothing has come through just yet. I'm hopeful though that God has something special planned in HIS timing (that's the hard part to remember, right?). Until then, I've started volunteering with a non-profit agency in Rochester. They do a variety of different things, and my first day is tomorrow! I'm so excited to be able to put my skills to use, and to be able to give my free time away. Please continue to pray with me that God will open doors where He sees fit. I'm just learning to trust Him more each day, and to be thankful for this time that Nathan and I are able to spend together. I've also had more of an urge to bake lately during my spare time! (I'm sure Nathan loves it when I have those urges). Last week, I had some bananas that were on their way out and I didn't want to waste them. I've always heard that when your bananas start to turn brown, that's the best time to use them for bread, so I found a really yummy banana bread recipe Online. Here's the yummy part about it--it's peanut butter, chocolate chip banana bread! Nathan's not a huge fan of banana bread so fortunately for me I have the whole thing staring at me all day! :) I also made enough to take a loaf to my mom and dad. If you'd like to try it, click here for the recipe. (Tip: I didn't have baking powder, so I substituted it for 1 TSP of baking soda and it still turned out great!)


The Atwoods


  1. It's beautiful- can't wait to see it - and of course, ya'll!


  2. I love the new room:) It is sooo pretty! I know Granny is so proud of you for all of the cooking you are doing! Take care, love and miss you!

  3. Good decorating sista! I love the black, white, and red!! :)


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