Monday, August 3, 2009

Just a Little Face Lift and Lots of Fun!

I know I haven't update in a little while, but we've been having LOADS of fun in the Atwood house, and I haven't had the time. You will notice I did give our blog a little face lift. The photo at the top is provided by my dear friend, Vicky Putman. Vicky and her husband Chet were here in New York from Alabama when Nathan proposed, and we were lucky that they both brought their cameras for the special occasion. (Also lucky that Vicky is a really good photographer and that she's sneaky and can keep a secret--she also brought the ring to Nathan! ha) Speaking of pictures, I know some of you may have yet to see any wedding photos (we're working on mailing out some, I promise!). Until then, feel free to click here and take a look at our photographer's page where she has a few of us.

Well, in my last post you may remember me saying that Nathan and I LOVE to take advantage of his days off from work. This past week, he had two days off in a row so we decided to make one day a "work" day and one a "play" day. (Of course, I really wanted two play days, but he's the productive one that keeps this train rollin'!) We started off our work day with lots of much-needed yard work. I trimmed our morning glories, Nathan cut out some shrubs and we also worked on our monster of a vine that is growing down our fence. Nathan also helped me hang some things in our bathroom and the guest room. Our bathroom is now complete, and the guest room is SO close! Since my herbs are growing like crazy, I decided to take some over to our neighbors, Mark and Kelly. Her vegetable garden hasn't had much luck this year, so I thought I'd share the wealth! They are super nice people and we are so thankful to have wonderful neighbors. Here's a picture of my morning glories on work day (before the trim):

(Just a little side note about our yard . . .) When Nathan and I first got back from our Honeymoon, we decided to purchase a small bird feeder to put in our backyard. We ended up just buying a small plastic one because we only wanted to attract a few wild birds. Ever since our bird feeder has been up I've noticed that it gets empty really quickly, but I never see birds eating out of it. I didn't read into it too much at first, and I just kept filling the feeder up only to find it empty two days later. Well, about two weeks ago we noticed that Sally (the chipmunk that frequents our deck--yes, we named her) was the reason behind the always-empty bird feeder. I saw her run out one day, shake the hook the feeder was on and pack her little jaws full of seed. That little stinker! So, needless to say our birds are probably starving but our "little" chipmunk has turned into a chunk! I snagged a picture of her after her cheeks were stuffed:

Fortunately, our other "critters" in the yard, haven't been as pleasant and sneak away too fast for a photo. A day or two after this shot, I saw a long garden snake slither away that apparently has been building his home under our deck. (ugh--my skin crawls at the thought of it!)

Our play day was a LOT less messy than our work day! Nathan wanted to give me a night off from cooking and take me out to dinner. I told him about this great Mexican Restaurant near our church and we decided to go there. We've both been looking for good Mexican food since we moved here, so when I tried South of the Border with my parents, I knew Nathan would love it. It's in Newark, about 20 minutes from our house. Prior to our trip, Nathan wanted to be sure that the burritos were the size of the plate because he didn't want to leave hungry. I assured him they were, and even took a picture for proof. If any of you come for a visit and like Mexican food, South of the Border is a MUST! :)

Nathan was very impressed and even said that the green chili was hotter than the kind they use in Colorado!

After our delicious (and filling) meal, we decided to venture to the batting cages. Those of you who know me are probably laughing right now. Let's just say I'm not the most "athletic" of types. Nathan has been itching to go, and there's a little place down the road from our house that has mini golf, batting cages and a driving range. We had such a fun time, and I think I surprised us both with how many balls I was able to hit!

Look at that determination!

Our most fun part of our play day for both of us was the Nathan and Rachel Yard Sale Extravaganza Game. We woke up Friday morning ready to hit a few local yard sales, and Nathan tells me: "Let's make this into a game! Whoever gets the biggest ticket item at the lowest price wins!" Of course, if you know Nathan, then it's no surprise that he would get competitive over a yard sale! :) The first yard sale we hit was great, and Nathan found two pieces of framed art that are going to look perfect above our bed! We flipped them over to see a $29.99 sticker on EACH one, and Nathan talked the lady down to $5.00 for the pair. I'll be honest, I was a little bummed. I just knew I wasn't going to win after that find! We kept going though, and hit our last sale around 2:00 PM where I found the most beautiful candle sticks for our living room. I knew they looked modern and pricy, but I didn't even think to flip them over and check for a sticker because I was convinced Nathan had already won. We got home and started unloading our treasures and out of curiosity I decided to check and see if the price might still be on the candles. (hehehe--can you see where this is going?) Each candle stick said $19.99 and each candle on top read $12.99. For the math challenged, that's a total of $65.96, and I bought the whole set for $3.00!! :) Here's a picture of our finds: (Oh, and Nathan deserves a shout-out for Honorable Mention!--we're definitely playing this game again)

We only spent $24.00 in all!

Nathan is such a sweet husband. I thank God every day that he blessed me with such a smart, funny, Godly, thoughtful and caring man. He's definitely a RARE find, and I'm so happy to call him mine. :) This is just a glimpse of all the "hanging" projects he's been so helpful with. And to top it all off, he came home last week with a potted plant for me. It's called Liatris and I can't wait to find a spot to plant it!

This is the beautiful liatris:



  1. Yummy! My favorite kind of food!
    I love the batting cage pictures!!!
    Your blog looks great!

  2. Your blog is amazing - it's funny, personal, informative and easy to read. I love how you add the pictures - adds so much- I'd like to learn how to do that. What a sweet wife you are!


  3. haha, you actually gave him the honorable mention like he asked! You are such a good little wifey! :)

    You didn't tell me about the batting cages....boy, I would have LOVED to have seen that! ;o)

    :) I love you!


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