Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Little Something New . . .

Since most of our friends and family live a good distance away, I thought it might be nice to start a blog to keep everyone in the loop. Nathan and I have been married a whole month now (I can't even believe it's been a MONTH!), and we've already had a lot of funny and memorable moments. I'm hoping that this will be a way for our family and friends to seem just a little bit closer to us, as well as a way to share with you the adventures of being an Atwood. :)

On to an update . . .

Since arriving back to NY from our honeymoon, Nathan and I have been slowly settling in to our new home. Back in April, Nathan bought an adorable house that is located in Fairport--it's about 15 minutes from my parents house and it's central to pretty much everything in and near Rochester. It's perfect for the two of us, and we are having the best time fixing it up! Since we got back to NY in mid-June, we've decided to wait until next summer to do some flower planting. I'm glad we made the decision because now I'm discovering all of the many hidden "gems" that were planted before we moved in. I'm not sure what the names of our plants are, but some of them are very pretty! :) I've also planted fresh basil, parsley, cilantro, dill and oregano that is now in full bloom (except for the oregano--it's being stubborn). I'm finding that I LOVE anything to do with our landscaping. Mowing the lawn (which takes quite a while), weeding, picking up sticks, watering my potted plants, etc--it's all been so much fun, and I can't wait until next summer when we can really get in and start planting!

Along with the outside, we've done some sprucing up on the inside too. We finally decided on a color palette for our rooms and we've put the brushes to the walls! So far, the living room is completely painted and we just have a few touch up's to do before the bathroom and hallway are complete. Surprisingly, Nathan and I agree on everything when it comes to decorating. Of course, it does help that he gave me the title of "head decorator" ;0) since I'm not working (yet) I've been spending the majority of my time organizing our little home and being domestic. We're finding a lot of great deals now that it's yard sale season and I found a super cute desk and nightstand for our guest bedroom that I just finished painting. Nathan's parents are planning a trip up to visit in August, so I'm working on getting their room nice and cozy!

Nathan and I are enjoying every single minute of being married. It's so nice to not have to say goodbye at the end of the night, and Nathan says he's finally glad to have home cooked meals after living on his own for so long. :) (Of course, his idea of a home cooked meal is Hamburger Helper, so it's great that he's so easy to please!)

We're still working with the youth in our church, and it's already looking like August is going to be one BUSY month! We've planned a special trip to Darien Lake (New York's version of Six Flags) and the kids have worked really hard to raise the money to go. We're really hoping that this is just the first of many fundraisers and trips that we are going to take with them. They are growing so much--physically and spiritually. I am amazed as I look at some of them at how far God has brought them in the past three years. They are truly our little blessings, and there is never a dull moment!

I'll be sure to post pictures of our renovations soon, so check back! Until then, we love and miss you all!

The Atwoods


  1. I love your blog- especially the pictures - it looks like you've been working NONSTOP! Can't wait to see you - and your new place.

    Love, Sandy

  2. Aw Rach, everything is so cute! From the haircut to the herbs! I am so happy for you and Nathan. Congrats again!

    Christy Purvis


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